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Alligator Army Pick'em Update

Three days into the bowl season, we have an interesting development in the Alligator Army Pick'em.

The `Instigators' entry is 46 points clear of the pack with 122 points. Like the second place entry, `Trifectas', `Instigators' has correctly picked 4 of 5 games correctly. Of 20 entries, 10 have picked 4 of 5. The entry in the best shape is `Pick me a winner', who has won 5 of 5 and is in third place with 72 points. The two other perfect entries are `dbpitt' and `Gatornoxious' tied in 11th place with 15 points.

46 points is a huge lead, but with the cornucopia of games coming this week, expect the leaderboard to flip over a few times. As for me, I'm comfortably in 7th, waiting for my SEC picks to carry me to the top.

Since today is Festivus, I will leave you with a classic Airing of Grievances...

My friend Lindsey was driving this morning in Brandon when she pulled into a gas station. Not only does her car have a Gators plate, she was also wearing a Gators hat. After she pulled into the station, a black truck followed her in. The guy pulled up next to her and yelled out the window, "GAINESVILLE SUCKS AND SO DO THE GATORS!"

While Lindsey stood there shocked that she encountered a drive-by heckling, the guy sped off. This is pretty bizarre, even for Eastern Hillsborough County. But, since today is Festivus, I bet the guy thought he could get away with it. He probably was in a rush home to put up his Festivus Pole and air more grievances like telling his four kids under the age of five that they don't pull their weight around the house. The sad thing is that it will be up to the wife to pin him and end Festivus during the Feats of Strength.

A very Happy Festivus to Lindsey, the guy who yelled at her today, and to you. Remember when wrestling Dad during the Feats of Strength, he fights dirty, so be careful. We'll be back tomorrow with a very special holiday story.