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Alligator Army Pick'em Update 2

As it was before Christmas, `Instigators' continues to lead in the Alligator Army Pick'em. While he has picked 5 of 8 games correctly, his lead has actually increased by four points over second place `Pick me a winner', who has 99 points. `Pick me a winner' is one of three players with 7 of 8 games picked correctly, but the only one in the top-10.

With seven games in the next three days, we'll start to see some separation and hopefully some one will break the `Instigators' hold on the top spot. Come on folks, don't let him win that Gators poster by going wire to wire.

Last night's Holiday Bowl was memorable because of one stepson who decided to get in the game. Luckily, my boy Tim at The Sporting Orange took a picture off of Chris Jessie's myspace last night before Jessie was able to shut it down. I encourage you to visit. And for those of you who don't know, we got our start here by creating The Sporting Orange. After writing here, school, and work got in the way, we kind of left The Sporting Orange alone. But, we're bring it back for the New Year. Get excited.