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To Michigan Fans: A Peace Offering

I hope the Gators destroy Michigan by 50 points on New Years, but I want the Michigan fans visiting the site to know it's just business. Nothing personal. In fact, I have only owned GM cars and my half of my favorite band has Michigan connections. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith grew up in Michigan and lead singer Anthony Kiedis was born there. See? I can't hate Michigan. So here's a Chili Peppers video for you; `Give It Away'.

Maybe badass bass lines and a bitchin' solo are not your thing or you're just scared of alternative music. Then I suggest our next song which is a bit older. The bonus is that if you know the words, it will increase your chances of getting with a Florida girl by at least 5%. But don't try it. She'll still think you're as overrated as the 2006 Ohio State team.