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Gator Basketball vs. Temple Mini-Preview

The Gators' Tour de Florida ends this evening as the squad will play their final neutral site game. After an impressive performance in Tampa vs. Vermont, the Gators wet the bed but were able to wash the sheets in a close win over Georgia Southern in the Bold New River City of The South. Tonight's game in Sunrise is against Temple, who started 0-3 but has six of their last eight, to get to 6-5.

The Gators should win, of course. But this game and High Point game on January 2nd, have to be a time for the team to start playing as a unit. After the debacle in Jacksonville, the Gators appeared to have fixed their problems against Charleston Southern. Yet, it came back again against Ohio State. We now know that if the shots are not falling, they will lose. That seems obvious. What I mean is that if the shots aren't falling, they have to find other ways to score; defense, points in the paint, getting to the line. Think of it as a golfer who can't drive the ball well. The good ones can work out of the rough and scramble to keep making pars. That's what the Gators need. SEC play is only two weeks away.