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Public Enemy No. 2: Shawn Crable

Oh, hello Shawn Crable! Are you upset no one is paying attention to your team? Do you want some of the attention Florida's Heisman winner is getting? Maybe you want to deflect the criticism that your team can't handle the spread? How about you tell us a story then?

"I think y'all are too concerned with this Tebow, I mean he's just a quarterback," Crable said Saturday. "He's really not (different.) He's got some freakish stats because they use him differently, they use him in the red zone a lot to run the ball but he's nothing more exceptional than we've ever played against.

"If you ask me about (Oregon's) Dennis Dixon or you ask me about (former Texas quarterback) Vince Young, I'd be like, now those are some freakish people. You ask me about this guy, he's just a quarterback."

Guess what Shawn? You're on the list! That's right, you sir are now Public Enemy No. 2 behind Geno Hayes. Since you didn't watch the film of Tebow destroying Florida State, I'll tell you what Hayes did in the game; one tackle. Not only that, Hayes was sucking wind the whole game and getting shoved around when he wasn't trying to chase down UF's skill players. Clearly, he made a mistake in calling out Tebow. I'm sorry Shawn, but you've set yourself up for the same fate.

To further educate you, since you have not seen Tebow on film, let me tell you some Tebow facts.

  1. Tim Tebow's hand is the only hand that beats a royal flush.
  2. Tim Tebow is made of Gatorade, Holy Water, and iron.
  3. Tim Tebow can run a 4.4. On water.
  4. Tim Tebow is friends with Chuck Norris.
All of those statements are true Shawn. That is what you're facing. I just hope you're able to protect yourself from Tebow's wrath.