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Florida A&M Mini-Preview

Tonight's game against FAMU will be the last one before the Gators break for exams. (Georgia Southern is next on Dec. 15th.) Looking at how the Gators have performed so far, you have to be pleased. Aside from the loss to FSU, the Gators' formula has been to hang with a team at the start, then pull away. While that could lead to trouble against better teams, you want your squad to have that killer instinct to put the game away.

My biggest concern is inconsistency. It's hard to ask a lot of a starting five with only one junior who isn't even a natural scorer. But it is killing me watching Dan Werner make a three on one end, forget to box out on the other, then assist Speights on a dunk. After the Vermont game, I was seriously thinking he was suffering from some sort of basketball bipolar disorder.

I'm a little disappointed in Lucas because it seems like he doesn't yet grasp the offense, or at least how to run it. Maybe it is because I keep waiting for him to have a Taurean Green game with 16 points (on 3-10 shooting, but 10-10 at the line), nine assists, and three turnovers. As for the other studs, Calathes and Parsons, they have been fantastic. With 14.8 ppg and 11.4 ppg, respectively, they can fill in when Speights is in foul trouble. Plus, everyone has a Speights-like player on their team, not two tweeners like Calathes and Parsons. I'm starting to think that this team will go as far as Calathes takes them.