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This Is In The Bag. Right?

With Tebow winning the Maxwell and Davey O'Brien awards, you have to assume he'll win the Heisman. But as if to maintain the suspense of Saturday night, Darren McFadden won the Walter Camp Award. Tebow still has an inside edge, but no Maxwell winner has won the award since 1999.

I'm still worried he will not get it because many of the voters, whether they are old writers or old winners, have a very skeptical eye when voting. There will be instances where Tebow is left off ballots or where Colt Brennan gets more votes for being older. This could lead to a situation experienced in the 1999 AL MVP voting. That year, Pudge Rodriguez won the award over Pedro Martinez, despite Pedro having more first place votes. The difference was that two writers left Pedro off their ballots (the whole "pitchers can't be MVP" argument) and two others, in placing their local guy first bumped Pedro, affecting his point total.

I'm not saying this will happen because I really think Tebow will win. But, if he loses, it will be in a manner similar to this.