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It is impossible for me to express how proud I am of Tebow. As fans, we take ownership of these guys as if they were our brothers or sons, so to see our guy thanking offensive linemen by name along with Jesus was pretty great.

McFadden will be a great pro, and Brennan and Daniel might be too, but the nation saw tonight why our boy Timmy is different. To go from almost dying before even being able to pickup a ball to New York and the Heisman is quite a journey. You couldn't dream this. The skeptic in me keeps looking for flaws, and I realize now that's not happening. He really is the real deal.

As happy as Tebow was, there was a shot when the camera panned from right to left with Tebow standing behind the trophy at the end. It was a look that seemed familiar to me. Because it looked a lot like this. I remember thinking about seeing Billy Donovan look like that after defeating UCLA and wondering where was the smile. Of course, he would smile eventually. But there was that look that he knew there was something more. Thanks to an HDTV, I saw that look in Tebow tonight. He knows there is a crystal ball out there waiting for him. I can't wait to see him destroy everyone next year.

Other thoughts from tonight's ceremony...

  • Someone needs to tell Chase Daniel to lay off the St. Louis ribs. Between Colt Brennan and Tebow, Daniel looked like he needed to hit the weights at his local Curves.
  • When they interviewed Brennan and Daniel, Brennan handed Daniel a Hawaiian lei and extended his hand for a shake. Daniel instead did the hang loose sign and sat down. Hil-arious.
  • It was cool to see Jason White on stage again. I'm just surprised they pulled him away from his car dealership. That's where all Oklahoma QBs work, right?
  • What was with the guys playing x-box before the ceremony? Are we supposed to believe they were just being cool guys and hanging out? And if you're going to show us them playing, at least let us know who is winning.
  • As for McFadden, did anyone else get the sense that his "personal story" was fake? How did that production meeting go? "Um, McFadden said he thinks his 8th grade teacher liked him." "Good, let's get her a Hogs shirt and get them in an Urban Threads store."