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Baseball Offense Stats, 2/22

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With Michael Lewis's famous book Moneyball shining the light on the ways that the Oakland Athletics tried to achieve a statistical advantage, as well as the current trends in analyzing the way the game of baseball is played, statistical analysis has become a popular pasttime over the last few years. While this is an interesting trend, it seems to really only be used when talking about Major League Baseball, as opposed to including the college game as well.

With college baseball it seems that we get your basic stats for each player:  batting average, hits, runs, walks, strikeouts and so on.  However, I thought it would be interesting to try and bring together some of the more in-depth "sabermetric" stats for the 2007 Gators baseball team as their season comes into full swing.

This doesn't mean I'll go into the ridiculous stats such as "VORP" (Value Over Replacement Player) or "OPS Win Shares," but instead will just try and put together the more than basic stats that are looked at with regularity for the Major Leagues.

The offensive stats include OPS (OBP+SLG), BB% (Walk %), K% (Strikeout %), ISO (Isolated Power) and BABIP (Batting Average of Balls in Play).

For pitchers we will look at K/BB, HR/9 (Homeruns per 9 IP) and WHIP (Walks+Hits per IP).  I will try to get those stats up by Tomorrow afternoon (prior to the game).

Only players with 10 or more AB's will be looked at.

OPS: (OBP+SLG), a rough look at a player's contribution to a team's offense.

Team: .921

  1. Matt LaPorta 1.490
  2. Austin Pride 1.185
  3. Clayton Pisani 1.076
  4. Jon Townsend 1.060
  5. Cole Figueroa .996
  6. Cody Neer .900
  7. Chris Petrie .818
  8. Bryson Barber .713
  9. Matt den Dekker .669
  10. Avery Barnes .672
  11. Jonathan Pigott .578
  12. Dustin Bamberg .533
  13. Brian Leclerc .306
BABIP: (H-HR/AB-HR-SO), the batting average of balls that are hit into play that result in hits (NOT including homeruns).
  1. Pride .444
  2. Barber .417
  3. LaPorta .400
  4. Townsend .400
  5. Barnes .375
  6. Pigott .364
  7. Pisani .353
  8. Figueroa .320
  9. Neer .261
  10. Bamberg .250
  11. Petrie .222
  12. den Dekker .190
  13. Leclerc .111
BB%: (BB/AB+BB), the percentage of times a player walks in relation to plate appearances.

Team: 9.2%

  1. Bamberg 16.6%
  2. den Dekker 16.1%
  3. Pisani 14.8%
  4. LaPorta 14.3%
  5. Pride 12.5%
  6. Barber 11.1%
  7. Barnes 8.3%
  8. Leclerc 5.8%
  9. Townsend 5.3%
  10. Pigott 5.2%
  11. Neer 3.2%
  12. Figueroa 2.8%
  13. Petrie 0%
K%: (SO/AB), ratio of strikeouts to number of at-bats for a player.

Team: 19.2%

  1. LaPorta 3.3%
  2. Petrie 9.0%
  3. Townsend 11.1%
  4. Figueroa 12.5%
  5. Neer 16.6%
  6. Bamberg 20%
  7. Pisani 21.7%
  8. Barber 25.0%
  9. den Dekker 26.9%
  10. Barnes 27.2%
  11. Pride 28.5%
  12. Leclerc 35.7%
  13. Pigott 38.8%
ISO: (SLG-AVG), measures "true power" of batter.  The higher the number, the better the batter will be at getting extra base hits and homeruns (will look better once season rolls along).

Team: .231

  1. LaPorta .433
  2. Pride .357
  3. Pisani .305
  4. Neer .300
  5. Figueroa .281
  6. Petrie .272
  7. Townsend .250
  8. den Dekker .154
  9. Barber .000
  10. Barnes .091
  11. Pigott .056
  12. Bamberg .000
  13. Leclerc .000
My plans are to get one of these up about every 10 games throughout the season.  These stats will be more telling as the season progresses, as it still may be pretty early on some of them. Players like Leclerc will not be slumping all season, so I'd expect to see him improve in these fields as games are being played (hopefully).

As a team we could definitely get our strikeouts down and our walks up.  Some better at bats may be in order. These stats also show us that our lineup may be a little top-heavy at this point, with guys like Figueroa, Townsend, LaPorta, Pride and Pisani giving us most of our production. Again, I think a lot of these guys lower in the order will break out of their mini-slumps and give the Gators some good ABs in the upcoming games.

Remember, I'll be getting the pitching stats up ASAP.

Go Gators!!!