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Baseball Pitching Stats, 2/22

I looked at Gator hitters a little earlier, and now it's time for the pitchers.  While it is still early in the season I find certain stats interesting, because I think they give us a good idea where the team is headed, or needs to be headed, at least.

You can get a lot of the stats at Gatorzone, including your basic, everyday baseball numbers.

Only Pitchers with 6 or more IP will be looked at.

WHIP: (BB+H/IP), how many walks and hits a pitcher gives up every inning.

Team: 1.28

  1. Steven Porter 0.75
  2. Josh Edmondson 0.79
  3. Bryan Augenstein 1.23
  4. Kevin Chapman 1.43
  5. Patrick Keating 1.48
  6. Billy Bullock 1.55
  7. Stephen Locke 1.85
K/BB: the ratio of strikeouts to walks a pitcher has.

Team: 2.60

  1. Edmondson 7.0
  2. Porter 6.0
  3. Keating 5.0
  4. Augenstein 2.0
  5. Chapman 2.5
  6. Bullock 2.0
  7. Locke 2.0
HR/9: (HR*9/IP), how many homers a pitcher gives up over 9 innings pitched.

Team: 0.5

  1. Augenstein 0.0
  2. Porter 0.0
  3. Chapman 0.0
  4. Keating 0.0
  5. Edmondson 0.89
  6. Bullock 1.0
  7. Locke 1.11
Sample size, sample size, sample size.  There just isn't enough info at this point to come up with any realistic assumptions from this data -- however I think that it's important to get some of these stats out of the way, as I will be trying to use them in the future to break down some of the Gators performances.

Obviously with the HR/9 IP, you'd have to give up at least one to not have a zero in that category. That, of course, is just not realistic. As pitchers throw more innings and give up any type of homers, this number will balance out. It's the same with WHIP, where you usually don't see pitchers have less than one in this category.

Time will tell. Again, I think it was beneficial to throw these stats out there for future reference.

Go Gators!!!