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Oh. No.

The Gators may be wearing some new basketball unis against the Volunteers next Tuesday, thanks to the creative geniuses at the Nike corporation.  You know, the guys that made our football team wear these:

Woah, they're, like, two different colors. (Gatorzone Photo)

Anyways, Pat Dooley of the Sun has the scoop on the nice new hoops outfit the Gators basketball team may be wearing against Tennessee next week:

Florida could be wearing the new uniforms designed by Nike when the Gators travel to Knoxville on Tuesday to face Tennessee.

"If they get here in time we could wear them for Tennessee," Donovan said. "I'm leaving it up to the players. If they like them, we'll keep wearing them."

The uniforms are more form-fitting than the current ones worn by the Gators and feature some alligator-skin patterns. Florida, North Carolina and Ohio State are among the teams who will be wearing new uniforms.

I have also heard ramblings that the members of the basketball team will be required to wear these to compliment the new threads:

They come in three different colors: aquamarine, white and Caribbean green.

To tell you the truth, I've always watched Gators basketball and thought to myself, "I wonder what Joakim Noah would look like with a more form-fitting jersey?"  Well, here's my chance.

Thank you Nike for your glorious contributions to the sports jersey world.  The University of Florida Gators, in particular, cannot thank you enough.