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Gator Baseball Loses More Than Just Game

By committing six errors and allowing 10 runs to the Kent State last night, the Gators fell to 4-5 on the season by losing their third straight game -- however the night seemed a lot worse for the Gators due to an inury to Matt LaPorta, the team's power-hitting first baseman.

Friday, in the bottom of the fifth, a quiet sense of nervousness filled the stands as LaPorta pulled up lame after rounding second base and had to be helped off the field.

So, once again the Gators baseball team suffers through an injury to one of their key players. Last season the Gators could not field a 100 percent healthy squad all season en route to a last place finish in the SEC East.  This season, it's looking to be more of the same.

Prior to the game yesterday it became known that Brandon McArthur was going to have season-ending surgery to repair a torn UCL he suffered against VMI.  McArthur, just like LaPorta, had to sit out several games in 2006 because of injury, only to have a season-ending one so early in the 2007 campaign.

After hearing the news of the loss McArthur, another injury to a key player was definitely the last the Gators needed.

So, what is the status of LaPorta as of right now?

Florida coach Pat McMahon listed him as day-to-day and doubts he'll play in the Kent State series.

"We'll have to address it day-to-day and I'll find out more when I talk to some of the doctors," he said.

That sounds positive, but based on how things looked I think LaPorta will be out for more than just this series.  He seemed to be in quite a bit of pain, the kind of uncomfortable feeling that comes from a pretty serious injury.

One positive from the situation, though, is that I was hearing it was not an injury to his knee. With that it will more than likely be reported as some type of high ankle sprain, which could keep the first baseman out at least three or four weeks, maybe more.

Really it is now a matter of someone else stepping into LaPorta's role and trying to make an impact.  This should be an interesting thing to see.

"You know you're going to have gaps to fill when people go down because everybody has injuries," (SS Jon) Townsend said. "But everybody's still positive.

"We have a very talented team and I'm not going to stop saying that no matter how we're doing."

Hopefully we will see a speedy recovery from Matt LaPorta, and we will start seeing a more consistent performance from this Gators baseball team.  The players are stying positive, as evidence by the words of Jon Townsend -- hopefully the rest of team is on the same page.