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Chris Leak and the Wonderful Wonderlic the Wonderlic test, at least.

Loser With Socks, a weblog that could be considered both highly offensive and highly hilarious to Gators fans, broke the news yesterday that rumors stated Leak scored an eight on the NFL's version of an IQ test.  If you are not familiar with this test, the knowledge utopia that is Wikipedia gives us a quick run-down:

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is an intelligence test primarily known for being administered to prospective players in the National Football League since the 1970s. The Wonderlic is a twelve-minute, fifty-question exam to assess aptitude for learning a job and adapting to solve problems for employees in a wide range of occupations. The score is calculated as the number of correct answers given in the allotted time. A score of 20 is intended to indicate average intelligence.

While an average football player usually scores around 20 points, The Wonderlic, Inc claims a score of at least 10 points suggests a person is literate.

So, in other words, an eight on the test is not very good.

Now, before you start belittling Chris Leak for scoring an eight, it was reported on Heath Cline's radio show yesterday that this score was taken from a practice test of only 12 questions -- meaning Chris got an 8/12.  If that is true, than there really is no cause to worry about the former Gator quarterback's mental state.  An 8/12 translates to a 33/50 on the actual test, a score that is pretty solid.

This could we a misunderstanding as well -- as pointed out by Orson from EDSBS:

The Wonderlic has fifty questions and is administered in 12 minutes, measuring a tester's ability to think and think quickly. Leak only answered 12 questions in total, and of those got 8 right before 12 minutes was up.

Either Leak didn't understand the setup, and moved through the thing at a snail's pace, or it just took him that long because he had difficulty with it. Retests are no doubt pending.

Now, all this we are hearing is rumor.  Leak very well could have scored only eight on the actual test, eight on the practice test or 48 on the actual test.  The NFL doesn't release the numbers on the scores, so everything you hear is unsubstantiated information.

So that's that.  Chris Leak was made to be an idiot yesterday, and now it looks as if he's got above-average intelligence.  The world of sports talk around the internet is one crazy whirlwind of drama.