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AP Photo/Wade Payne
Just another un-inspired performance from this basketball team.

Terrible team defense, awful offensive rythm, sloppy ball-handling.  Green's in a funk.  Noah's in a funk.  Brewer is forcing things.  No one looks focused on winning, they're a few steps slower in all aspects and they're not fighting the way we've become accustomed to.

Tonight they needed to not turn the ball over too much, which they failed at. They needed to avoid giving up big threes, which they failed at. And they needed to slow the game down to not allow a high scoring Vols team to control the tempo, which, again, they failed at.

Is it time to worry yet with this team?  Or is this just lack of focus following the winning of the conference championship?

I sure hope they wake up soon.  They have one more game, against Kentucky, to get a little momentum headed into the SEC tournament.  Maybe the final home game and a few neutral court games in the conference tourney under their belt will get them back to their normal level of play.

I'll try to get a few specific thoughts about the game tomorrow.  As of right now, I totally just do not feel like talking about it.