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Today I signed up to use ProTrade, an online sports site devoted to compiling a ranking system for college basketball based on stock prices for each team.

Basically each team has a site in which users can buy or sell, and based on the current price of the team you have their ranking.  It's really a pretty simple-to-use, fun system that allows for a realistic power ranking brought along by college basketball fans.

Currently the site has the Gators ranked fourth in the nation, just behind UNC, UCLA and Ohio State.  Their current price is $195.68, a number that has been decreasing over the current slide. In other words, people are selling the Gators and their chances at a repeat.  If you'd like to check out a detailed report of where the Gators are at, check out their main page.  I'd suggest bookmarking it, and creating an account on the site if you want to add some input.

As of right now, I'd buy the Gators.  By using the widget system on their team page, I've come up with a $213.00 price -- meaning that they should be a buy -- by predicting a win over Kentucky, at least one SEC tournament win and a trip to the Final Four come March Madness.

Check out ProTrade, and have fun.