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Corey Brewer's Status

Anyone watching the 94-78 win over the Vols today knows that Corey Brewer went down late in the game with what looked to be an injured knee.

As of right now it is unclear what exactly is going on.  Internet rumors are stating that Brewer will be fine, he just has some soreness in the area and will try to work out on it tomorrow.  While there have been reports from ESPN/ABC that Brewer may be severely injured.

As of right now, we just don't know enough to make any assumptions on Corey's status.  Let's just hope for the best and that he will be able to play at 100% for a majority of the rest of the season.

More on the game later.

Update [2007-2-3 18:44:3 by Mark]:Apparently Billy D stated on his post-game show that Corey will be fine and should be ready for Wednesday...which should have some truth to it considering the source.

Update [2007-2-4 12:23:29 by Mark]:Staples reported that the knee is fine as well over at

Good news. That was a scary moment in the O-Dome yesterday.