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Some Big Announcements Coming Today

Today the Gators football program will sit and wait for the announcements to come from a few recruits:  CB/WR Ronald Johnson (Muskegon, Michigan) and LB Allen Bailey (Darien, Georgia). I've also heard rumors that WR Deonte Thompson (Belle Glade) could be committing today to the school of his choice.

I updated this site a few days ago with news about RoJo and his soap opera -- including skipping out on a Michigan visit (still don't know if that's true), starting speculation that it could be coming down to Michigan St., USC and Florida.  Johnson is a great player that could have an immediate impact on the Florida secondary, and also could play a little wide receiver as well.  He's just a great athlete on the football field.

Allen Bailey comes in with ridiculous size and an even more ridiculous amount of talent to go with that large frame.  He is the kind of guy that does it all for his high school team -- catching passes, running out of the backfield, blocking and hunting down opposing offensive players.  He seems to have great field awareness and an even better explosiveness that makes him a one-of-a-kind type of player.

Rumors say Bailey wants to play MLB...with reports saying that schools have turned down that request because of his size.  As of right now it comes down to Miami and Florida according to -- with the school promising him PT at the LB position perhaps getting his commitment. This, of course, could be totally false and he may be just trying to find the best fit for him regardless of position promises.

Thompson is being drooled over by all of the big 3 state schools, including FSU which is making a late run at him.  Miami, Florida and USC have been in the running for him for quite some time. He's comes in as a very quick and athletic receiver that can make an immediate difference on the offensive side of the ball.  I think that the Gators chances of landing DT are pretty solid, although I wouldn't be surprised with any of the Florida schools being his choice.

Let's wait and see, hopefully it's a good day for Gator recruiting.