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NSD Just About Over on the Gators Front

Wow.  What a day for the Gators recruiting class.  There were several question marks coming into today regarding current commits and if they would go through with their signing at UF.  As it turns out, there weren't too many surprises -- which brings nothing but good news to Gainesville on NSD.

The Gators got a NSD signee as well:  WR Deonte Thompson.  He was recruited by several major schools, including the big 3 in Florida, and signed with the Gators today.  It was unknown where Thompson was going to end up, but this turns out great for the Gators -- who lost WR recruits Terrance Toliver and Ahmad Paige to other schools.

This guy can do anything he wants.

There were some tense moments today, including wondering whether or not DE Carlos Dunlap was going to sign with the Gamecocks as opposed to UF.  That didn't happen.  There was also speculation that DE Jay Howard may switch his commitment to FSU today.  That didn't happen either.

Congrats goes out to the coaching staff that put so much time into the recruiting effort this year. It paid off for the second year in a row.

I'll have more later on the NSD recruits the Gators snagged this season. Stay tuned. Until then, please check out the recruit bios brought to you by GatorCountry also has a list of recruit bios to check out in the meantime.

Go Gators!!!