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Official Discussion: #1 Gators at UGA

7:30 pm - Sun Sports TD
Stageman Coliseum, Athens, Georgia

SwampBall Preview

The Gators will try to win their 15th straight game tonight as they take on the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens.  The Gators are currently 8-0 in conference and will be attempting to keep their record unblemished on the season.

This game could be one of those where the Gators focus is planted on Saturday night's matchup with the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington, as much as I hope I'm wrong.  The Gators have had little trouble staying undefeated in conference, but this Georgia team can shoot well and score a lot of points -- something that may be tough to overcome if they bring their best this evening.

The Bulldogs have lost their last two, both on the road, but have been playing particularly well at home on the season.  So far they have beaten Vandy, LSU and Kentucky in Stageman this season.  With that in mind, it's no easy task to win in Athens in front of the Bulldogs home crowd.

Corey Brewer is fine, by the way.  He'll play this evening.  There are no other health concerns to discuss, so it's go time.

Here's hoping for just another win in conference play this season before the Gators travel to Wildcat country this weekend.

Go Gators!!!