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Open Thread: March Madness, Day One

Full schedule of today's games

Midwest Region

(13) Davidson vs. (4) Maryland
12:20 pm - Buffalo, New York

(12) Old Dominion vs. (5) Butler
2:40 pm - Buffalo, New York

SEC Action

East Region:
(11) George Washington vs. (6) Vanderbilt
5:00 pm - Sacramento, California

Number Ones

South Region:
(16) Central Connecticut State vs. (1) Ohio State
7:10 pm - Lexington, Kentucky

East Region:
(16) Eastern Kentucky vs. (1) North Carolina
9:40 pm - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

My picks in italics.  Crazy, I know, I picked all the favorites in the above games.

Let the madness begin!

Update [2007-3-15 18:13:42 by Mark]: For the games this evening, please check out Card Chronicle. Mike will be liveblogging with constant updates.

By the way, go VCU. They are currently taking on Duke.

I'll have more on the midwest bracket results this evening. Maryland beat Davidson in a game that was pretty close in the first half, and Butler pulled out a victory over Old Dominion.