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Quick Billy D Update

I hate to be discussing this on the day that the Gators advanced to their second-straight Final Four, and third overall under our current head coach -- but it's impossible to deny its presence surrounding the basketball program right now.

UF President Bernie Machen has announced his feelings on the speculation that Billy Donovan may be packing his backs and heading to Lexington to coach the Wildcats.

"He owes it to himself to look at the Kentucky job," Machen told reporters, "but we're not going to lose him to anybody."

Donovan, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley and Machen have been negotiating a new contract for Donovan for a year, Machen said. "We've have had conversations and we all know where we stand on it," Machen said.

"There is a level of trust," the Florida president said. "We could have done it (finished the extension) earlier, but the fact that Billy and Jeremy trust each other, I think that's why there hasn't been (a deal announced)."

When asked to reveal his gut feeling on Donovan's future, Machen said, "He's a Gator.

"I'm sure Kentucky, if they want, would make an incredible offer to him. But we have ways of making our own offer and we have the Gator fans. We want what's best for Billy. We believe he'll be a Gator."

Mr. Machen sounds pretty confident, although I think these above quotes are only focusing on the money issue between the two schools and what they could possibly offer to Coach Donovan. Kentucky has more to offer in several areas than Florida, but at the same time we're not in Billy's head -- we don't know at all what his mindset on this situation is, so we can't come close to passing judgement on what would be best for Coach Donovan as of right now.

It's good to hear someone who has a lot to do with the outcome of this situation coming out and stating how he feels everything will turn out.  This could be a very good thing for Gator fans who continually deny any chance of Coach Donovan roaming the sidelines at Rupp next season.