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Open Thread: Florida vs. Oregon, Elite Eight

Three down, three to go.  And as you'd expect in a single elimination tournament, it will only get harder from here.

Oregon will bring a much more up-tempo game than the Gators have faced over the last two. Today we will find out if there are any lingering effects from the physical, hard-fought games against Butler and Purdue.

Gatorzone Photo

The Ducks also bring a very balanced scoring attack, with all five of their starters averaging in double figures.  They shoot the three-pointer very well, coming in at 38%, and hit over nine a game.  Playing solid perimeter defense should be the number one goal of the Gators today -- force the Ducks to try to score some points in the paint against our bigs (which I'm sure they're good at as well, but it's better than giving up a ton of threes).

Oregon was the most feared team in this bracket, outside of our Gators of course.  It is very fitting that these two squads will face off today in the Elite Eight, battling for a shot to head to Atlanta and the Final Four.

Game time is set for 2:40 pm ET and will be aired on CBS Sports once again.

Go Gators!