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Once Again It's a Billy Donovan Post

Ok, I promise; This will be the last "Billy D to UK" speculation post I make for a bit as I think we as fans, like the team, should be thinking about the Final Four matchup on Saturday in Atlanta.

Anyways, Coach Donovan was a guest that provided "Five Good Minutes" for the PTI guys today on ESPN -- answering questions regarding Joakim Noah, the matchup with the feared Bruins and of course, rumors of his transfer to the Commonwealth to coach the 'Cats.

Once again Donovan seemed to sidestep the issue of him coaching in Kentucky next season -- which I feel is suitable at this point because his team is going to the Final Four -- but once again he did not give a definitive answer that we all wanted to hear.  It was once again the basic "I'm only focused on this team and the next game," and "it's not under my control" were the statements coming from his mouth.

Take it as you want to.  I think at this point it would be silly to think that it's not a possibility to think Donovan would bolt from Gainesville to coach the 'Cats -- it is definitely a possibility at this point of time.  I'm not trying to talk down to anybody, but c'mon, be reasonable.  

Coach Donovan has an ego, he's already proved he can be a great college basketball coach -- perhaps he would want to do that on what is historically a bigger stage.  Kentucky, being the winningest NCAA basketball program of all time, gives him that spotlight he may crave, and that position can only be rivaled by the likes of North Carolina, UCLA and perhaps Duke.

Don't shoot the messenger in this situation.  We all thought that Spurrier was in the perfect situation in Gainesville until he bolted off to the NFL.  I'm crossing my fingers that Coach Donovan stays, but being 100% he isn't going to Kentucky is just being blind to what is going on around us.

** Speaking of coaches, Arkansas fired Stan Heath today, a move that totally shocked me. Heath inherited a huge mess in Fayetteville after the departure of Nolan Richardson and continually saw it improve under his watch.  They've improved their records in three straights seasons, and have made it to the tournament two years in a row.

I know that Arkansas did pretty well in the mid-90s and all, but it just seems a little crazy to me that the 'Hogs went ahead and made this move.

Go Gators!