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A Post That Does Not Include the Words Kentucky, Donovan or $3.5 Million Deal

This was brought to my, as well as thousands of others, attention by the great folks over at Deadspin -- the site that provides the best Erin Andrews coverage on the web!

Ok, so this should all make us smile -- well, at least in a teenage-boy-with-a-celebrity-crush type of way -- especially as fans of the University of Florida.

Erin Andrews, everybody's favorite ESPN sideline reporter, has a brief (and I mean brief) interview on the web courtesy of Hoops Odyssey, a college basketball blog that is brought to us by CSTV.

Erin, obviously, is a pretty smokin' babe, knowledgeable on sports, and even more importantly to me, wealthy.

And if you have ever stumbled across her Wikipedia entry (or haven't been living under a rock), you would know that Ms. Andrews went to the University of Florida, where she starred on the O'Connell Center floor as a "Dazzler," which is the title of the Gators' dance team that performs throughout the basketball games, including the usual halftime routine.

Note: I'm sure all of you knew the above information.  Sorry to waste your time.

Anyways, check out the short clip.  EA discusses her pick to win the National Championship...I'll let you guess which squad she has taking it well as tenure at the University of Florida and her "gross" Youtube fame.  It will more than likely be the best half a' minute you've had all day (dirty jokes aside).