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Maybe Winning the Conference Isn't All That Great

Remember last season when Tennessee wrapped up the SEC regular season title, only to hit a mini-skid and ultimately be knocked out of the NCAA tourney fairly early?

This season the Gators wrapped up the conference title with a win over South Carolina, and have since lost two straight games by double digits.  People all over the country, fans and experts alike, have tried to answer the question regarding "what is wrong with Florida."

On Thursday night the UCLA Bruins wrapped up the Pac-10 title, with one game remaining on their regular season schedule.  The outcome of that final game?  A 10-point loss to the Washington Huskies, who stand at seventh place in the conference.

"They outphysicaled us. They outplayed us in every aspect of the game and it's embarrassing," UCLA's Arron Afflalo said. "I don't know what we we're resting on."

Sound familiar to you Gator fans?

Now, I fully expect UCLA to go far in the NCAA tournament, and I'm sure the fans in Westwood feel the exact same way.  In fact, Nestor of the much esteemed Bruins Nation had this to say about the loss at the hands of the Huskies today:

This is not the worst thing that could happen just before the PAC 10 tourney and March Madness. We got a taste of our own blood. This team has responded to L's this season pretty well. I expect to see the same thing over the next couple of weeks.

The sky is not falling in Westwood, and it isn't in Gainesville either.

Maybe it's the dreaded "focus" word, or maybe you can blame it on some sort of fatigue from a successful conference schedule run. Whatever it is, it should not stop Conference championship teams from falling off the face of the earth come March.

Go Gators!