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Friday Night Celebration Thread

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Why are we celebrating?  I got Final Four tickets today.  That's why.  I'll be in route to the 404 starting early Tomorrow morning, and will not be getting back to the 352 until Tuesday (hopefully after cheering on the Gators to a second-straight national title).

So with that in mind, I'm currently trying to grab hold of a guest blogger for the weekend, as I will not be having internet access throughout the next three or so days.

I'm pumped.

Here are a few things to read on this glorious evening:

--- ESPN's Mark Schlabach has reported that the University of Kentucky will make an offer to Billy Donovan as early as next week.  

The speculated deal from the Wildcats will be worth a reported $3.5 million a year, with an annual raise of $1 million.  This would make our current coach one of the highest paid head coaches in all of college basketball.

Is Coach Donovan thinking about this? Nahhh.  Well, at least that's what he's saying:

"One of the things we have talked about is distractions and how they're going to come and a lot of times you can't control how they do come," Donovan said in an interview with's Andy Katz. "For me right now, it has been all about UCLA and all about preparation and all about getting ready to play this game. I'm just so happy we've gotten to this point."

--- CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman, a writer I've never heard of, really disses the UCLA Bruins -- telling them that they have no shot at beating Florida tomorrow night to advance to the championship game.

Remember how well our Gators football team came out in the National Championship game after being given relatively little shot by media sources such as this?  Yeah, this probably isn't a good thing for our guys to have writers saying things like this.

UCLA has a shot tomorrow.  I am predicting that the Gators win, but saying a team ranked #1 for a good part of the season has no shot at winning a basketball game is fairly silly.

--- Yahoo Sports had a very good article on Corey Brewer's family, and reasons why it took a huge dedication to his teammates to come back this season.  I had actually never heard these things regarding Brewer's personal life.

For years, Corey's father slaughtered hogs for $10 a head, raised tobacco and ran a trash route so he could put food on the table. Corey's mother, Glenda, worked as a teacher's aide at Portland High School to help make ends meet.

But last year, with Pee Wee suffering from heart trouble and diabetes, he could no longer work. The family had to deal with lost income. Corey felt pressure to help, but he also felt pressure because of an unspoken pact with Noah, the son of tennis star Yannick Noah, and Horford, the son of former NBA player Tito Horford.

"If one of us would have left, we all were leaving," Corey said of he and his teammates, who share an on-campus apartment.

Noah said the pact was real.

"I know if Corey would have left, I would have completely understood," he said. "But there's no reason I would have stayed because that's the reason I love playing so much here is because I'm playing with my guys, I'm playing with my friends."


That's all for now.  I'm working on getting someone to update this weekend at this site.  If not, I'll have a Final Four open thread up to leave comments if you'd like.

Go Gators!