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I Don't Know What to Say...

We all remember the Gators wearing the new blue Nike jerseys in their road loss to Tennessee last week.  It looks like they will be making a comeback, but this time around they will be new and improved, according to

Starting tomorrow night, four top schools--Arizona, Florida, Ohio State, and Syracuse--will don Nike's System of Dress, a radical new look that brings Raf Simons-style proportion-play to the hard court. Complementing the aforementioned shorts are formfitting jerseys ten inches smaller in the torso, resulting in a second-skin look that's more Bode Miller than Ben Wallace. Players will also be able to customize their uniforms by adding options like padded shorts (to protect against the errant knee or elbow) and Dwyane Wade-style leg wraps.

And if you want a visual image of what our guys may be breaking out in the conference tournament, well, they have that for you as well: Photo

Now, we already had a quick sneak preview of these things in Knoxville last Tuesday, but this black version of the jersey just takes it to the next level.  Look at the one long sleeve.  The underarmour like top.  The skirt-like shorts.

Will the Gators lose on purpose so they don't have to be subjected to wearing those any longer?

This whole thing screams "La Tigre," "Blue Steel" or maybe even, dare I say, "Magnum."

I'm speechless.

For more, check out System of Dress, which apparently is the name of the new Spring line from Nike.