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Tennessee QB Ainge to Have Knee Surgery

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The Tennessean reported today that Vols' quarterback Erik Ainge has a torn meniscus and will be facing a surgery at some point this Spring.  Whether or not this procedure will keep Ainge out for any time during the 2007 season is unknown at this point, and will be decided by the Tennessee medical staff sometime in the near future.

There are two types of surgical procedures with meniscus damage. The one with the quickest recovery is simply removing the torn meniscus. Ainge could be back by the end of May or first of June if UT chooses that route.

But if doctors have to repair the torn meniscus, it's a much more complicated recovery, meaning Ainge could miss part of the season. Former UT receiver Robert Meachem missed an entire season after having his meniscus repaired as a true freshman in 2003.

I wish the best of luck to Ainge and hope he has a proper recovery.  Knee damage can be a nagging problem if not handled correctly, so hopefully the Tennessee staff does what is needed to have Ainge at 100% in the future.

Joel from Rocky Top Talk brought this news to my attention.