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Not Much to Report Right Now...

We've kind of hit a down-time in Gator athletics right now, at least until we witness the Orange and Blue debut on Saturday.

Right now there are a few position battles going on:  Clearly there is the battle for touches at RB, which I discussed in my previous post, to go along with a battle to see who earns the starting kicker role on this team.  We've also seen guys like Cameron Newton, Joe Haden and Ahmad Black get some time against the first-teamers.

I've been reading on Gator Country, which is new and improved by the way (they broke off from the Scout Network), that Kestahn Moore either is going to or has had surgery to repair a sports hernia -- something that could give guys like Chevon Walker, Brandon James and a few others to compete for spots.  The injury to Moore gives the Gators another guy down in the backfield, including Mon Williams and Bo Williams.

I've read that Percy Harvin is going to be #1 this season, taking over the coveted number from our beloved Reggie Nelson.  Pretty cool news.

Also we'll see kickers Joey Ijjas and Jonathan Phillips compete for the starting position in 2007, now that Chris Hetland has left Gainesville.  Both have been kicking fairly well in practice, and from what I have heard there is no clear-cut favorite right now.

Most of this is second-hand info -- take it with a grain of salt.

I can't wait to see some football.

Go Gators!