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Back to Your Regular Scheduled Posting

I know it would be silly to actually apologize to anyone who has stumbled upon Swamp Ball in the last few days and has noticed that the site has not been updated since Monday of this week; I just didn't have the energy throughout the week to get any new posting up, and with basketball being over, football spring practice being over, and a delay between our gymnastics team's bid at a national title, there just wasn't much to talk about regarding Gators athletics.

Blogging a college program takes a combination of two things, mostly:  One being actual news to report, and the other being creativity to come up with original content relevant to said program. The creativity part, something I haven't had over the last couple of weeks, is what I feel is really important -- because anyone could easily go any major news outlet and read stories about the Florida Gators.  If I'm just re-posting news that is coming from a second-hand source, what good is that?

My point in all this is to stay tuned.  I'm going to be trying to kick things into overdrive over the next few weeks -- weeks that could be considered "down weeks" in the eyes of college sports fans.  I just haven't had the time nor energy to get new content up lately, and I know that everytime you click a link to head to this site and see nothing new it may tempt you not to come back; Which, of course, is opposite to my goal of keeping Swamp Ball up and running.

Go Gators!