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2007 Projections: Tim Tebow

Worth a try.

Post what you think Tim Tebow will do stats-wise in 2007, in these particular categories only:


You can throw rushing yards in as well, since he is a quarterback known for running the ball.

For reference, here are Tim's stats from 2006:

Attempts 33
Completions 22
Yards 358
Touchdowns 5
Interceptions 1

And since Tim wasn't the starter last season, here are Chris Leak's stats as the head signal-caller in 2006:
Attempts 365
Completions 232
Yards 2942
Touchdowns 23
Interceptions 13

If the response warrants, we can average up predictions and see what we come up with.  There is no better time to leave an opinion than now.

Go Gators!