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Three More Gators Go in Draft

Yesterday, early on, we saw Jarvis Moss and Reggie Nelson taken in the first round, at picks #17 and #21 respectively.

Since those two were taken, three more former Gators have been selected by pro teams:  

Ray McDonald went #97 to the San Fransisco 49ers.

Marcus Thomas (If you can consider him a Gator) went #121 to the Denver Broncos.

Joe Cohen went #135 to the 49ers.

So the Gators have had five picks, one to the Jaguars, two to the Broncos and two to the 49ers. It really does seem like our former players go in groups to certain teams -- First it was the Redskins, for obvious reasons.  Then came the Bears.  Now it's the Broncos, and we have it even more with the Niners (former Gator WR Darrell Jackson was traded to San Fran earlier in the day for a fourth-round pick).

I'm pretty excited to see all of the Gators going in the draft.  When you look at the guys drafted, all of them playing defensive positions, it really shows you how good that Gators defense from a year ago was.

Update - 6:35: A few more Gators go in the second day of the draft, running the total to nine players taken from the Orange and Blue over the two day draft. Here are the players that were selected after my last update:

Ryan Smith, #206 Tennessee
Dallas Baker, #227 Pittsburgh
Deshawn Wynn, #228 Green Bay
Brandon Siler, #240 San Diego

As you can see, Chris Leak wasn't drafted. Also a few other notable names such as Earl Everett, Jemalle Cornelius and Steve Rissler also didn't get picked up. I'm sure we'll see their names surface during the un-drafted free agent period over the next few weeks or so.

Go Gators!