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Mon Williams Hurt

Holy crap!  A football post!

Unfortunately it's not a positive one, as Gators running back Mon Williams, one of the players that could have been predicted to have a big season in 2007, tore his ACL in Spring Practice last Wednesday.

"It's a bad deal because he was really coming on," Meyer said. "The negative is he's going to probably miss next year. I'm not a doctor and I don't know the healing process... I have great confidence in our medical staff and I have great confidence in what kind of worker Mon Williams is."

So where do the Gators go from here?  The running back position was WIDE open this Spring with the departure of DeShawn Wynn.  Kestahn Moore and Williams may have been the best possibilities for carries next season up until this injury, so now it will be interesting to see who will get touches in 2007.

Will Markus Manson get touches on top of his switch to DB?  Will Chris Rainey make an impact as a freshman?  What about the use of Brandon James outside of just returning kicks?

This next week or so may really tell us a lot about the situation at running back.