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Gator Baseball vs. South Carolina Broadcast

I don't know if everyone knows this -- I didn't even know about it until yesterday afternoon -- but the Gators baseball game against the South Carolina Gamecocks will be broadcast on ESPN this afternoon, and is set to show at 1 pm eastern time following baseball tonight.

From watching the "worldwide leader" for the last few months, I don't believe I've seen one ounce of college baseball being shown.  This is why I was left a bit surprised when I heard that the Gators would be aired nationally on the network today.  Perhaps we are seeing ESPN try and showcase some of the better teams in the nation, as South Carolina is ranked #4 and has shown us that they are a very good baseball team.  This is probably due to the fact that college basketball has ended and they would like to keep college sports alive as long as possible.

If they are indeed showing college baseball on a consistent basis, I'd expect to see teams like FSU and Vanderbilt on pretty soon.

Today the Gators will try and continue their hot streak -- a streak in which they've won nine of 10 -- while trying to win the series against the highly-ranked Gamecocks.  The Gators got a huge win yesterday on a walk-off homer; a win that hopefully propels them to some big wins over a stretch that will see them taking on highly ranked Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the next few weeks.

If you'd like to discuss this game, feel free as this will be considered an open thread.

Update [2007-4-8 15:3:49 by Mark]: Gators up 4-2 in the bottom of the 5th. After a slow start by Billy Bullock they've been able to settle down and are now in control of the game. Keep it up Gators! Lets win this series!
Update [2007-4-8 15:56:27 by Mark]: Going into the ninth, up 5-2 on the Gamecocks. Hurst has been pretty amazing today in relief for the Gators, having held this pretty dangerous lineup down for a majority of his appearance. Lets close it out!
Update [2007-4-8 16:14:39 by Mark]: The Gators will have to win in the ninth again today. A three-run blast tied it at 5 in the ninth off of Josh Edmondson. Ugh.
Update [2007-4-8 18:59:33 by Mark]: Tough loss today at the Mac, as the Gators fell 8-6 to the Gamecocks in extra innings, dropping their second game of the three game set. The Gators next matchup will be on Tuesday night against the UCF Knights.

Go Gators!