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More on Lucas

Andy Staples has some pretty good thoughts on the state of Florida basketball and their head coach Billy Donovan after the signing of one of the top recruits in the nation, Jai Lucas:

So does point guard Jai Lucas' announcement that he'll sign with Florida say anything about the NBA rumors swirling around Gators coach Billy Donovan? Maybe. Maybe not.

Monday, the son of a former NBA head coach announced he would play his college ball in Gainesville. Certainly, Lucas' father, John, still has plenty of NBA contacts. He and Jai certainly have had chances to grill Donovan about the rumors. If Jai Lucas feels comfortable pledging to sign with the Gators, then father and son probably got the answers they wanted.

Still, the rumors won't stop until Donovan signs a new contract at Florida. Negotiations for that contract began about 13 months ago.

The NBA?  I'd be shocked.  Although I'm not going to count anything out until the ink dries on the contract extension in Gainesville.  

I've heard all the rumors -- and I think that it would be absurd for Billy Donovan NOT to consider coaching at the highest level of basketball -- but I simply don't think the chances are that great at this point.  Staples does bring up a great point about John Lucas, and I think that may have some truth to it, but at this point it's pure speculation and an overall guessing game.

My favorite part of this whole Lucas signing is the signal it gives out; Florida may not be the "one-hit wonder" program (or in the Gators case, two) that some would want them to be.  This program is looking at sustained success, especially if it can continually recruit with the likes of Duke and Kentucky.

I know that's a hard pill to swallow for some.  It's the truth, and it may take a few more beatings, both on the hardwood and on the recruiting trail, for it to really sink in.

Go Gators!