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Tomorrow Could Bring Us More Good News...

Or not.  We'll just have to wait this one out and see.

Huntington, WV recruit Patrick Patterson, a 6-8 high school All-American, will announce his intentions on where he will play college ball tomorrow at 3:45.  He will be making his decision known at Huntington High School.

We as Florida fans have gotten used to getting the things we want over the last two years.  The Gators have won two straight national titles in basketball.  They've won a football national title and brought in a top-ranked recruiting class in the sport two seasons in a row.  Everything that could go right has gone right -- there's no denying that -- and there's no denying how great this run has been for the University and its fanbase.

If Patterson commits to play his college hoops in Gainesville, it will just continue this exciting trend. If not, so be it.  He has several very good options out there, no matter what our orange and blue biases are telling us.  Kentucky and Duke, the two other schools in the running for Patterson, have the tradition, the multiple national championships, and both have had great players that have made their presence felt on the NBA hardwood as well.  Our Gators, on the other hand, are the team of the moment -- back-to-back champions -- and a school that can offer a young star like Patterson a nice chunk of playing time next season with the loss of nearly all of their key contributors from last season.

If it's up to Jai Lucas, our wishes will come true.  Lucas has been pushing for Patterson to play for the same program as the 5-9 PG who committed to Florida just yesterday.

"I sent Patrick a text message as I walked in to make my announcement," said Lucas, the 5-foot-10, 160-pound son of former NBA coach John Lucas. "He said congrats. I hope to see him come with me."

The chances look great.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Remember, disappointment has to come at some point.  Obviously I'm hoping it doesn't at 3:45 tomorrow afternoon.

Go Gators!

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