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Let the Rumors Begin!

Brian Hill was just fired as head coach of the Orlando Magic.

That, of course, will open up all sorts of Billy Donovan rumors -- the Orlando Sentinel's Brian Schmitz and Florida Today's Peter Kerasotis have both written articles lately regarding the perfect fit of Donovan in Orlando.

As far as replacements for Hill, veteran coaches Larry Brown, Lenny Wilkens and Mike Fratello could be available. Veteran Rick Carlisle was fired this season by the Indiana Pacers. Phoenix assistant Marc Iavaroni and Dallas assistant Sam Vincent are also possible candidates.

Florida Gators Coach Billy Donovan, who has led the Gators to back-to-back national championships, has expressed a desire to one day coach in the NBA. But Donovan apparently is waiting on a contract extension from the school.

So here we go.  It may not be the whirlwind of excitement we all had during the Donovan-to-Kentucky saga; Until the ink dries on the new contract, though, we should be hearing quite a bit about this vacant coaching position in the Association -- a position just hours South of where our current coach resides.

Although Donovan did just hire a new assistant coach to replace Donnie Jones...would someone planning on leaving a week or so later do something like this?

I'll be sticking with my blind optimism when it comes to this issue.