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Good News All Around ... I Think

So is our head coach heading to Orlando to take over the Magic?  Today Billy Donovan, who has been linked to several jobs since he lead UF to their second-straight national title, had this to say regarding his current situation in Gainesville and what might be coming to be in the very near future:

The News-Press

Donovan said his only interest remains in coaching the Gators.

"My focus is on coaching at the University of Florida," said Donovan, whose stature skyrocketed after leading UF to back-to-back national titles. "I look forward to sitting down with Jeremy (Foley) and Dr. (Bernie) Machen and finalizing a contract in the very near future."

Foley, the Gators' athletic director who hired Donovan 11 years ago, said last week he's confident Donovan will remain in Gainesville. He also was briefly courted by Kentucky after this year's Final Four.

Sounds positive, doesn't it?  Let's hope this is all completed in a short amount of time.  Donovan has an incoming crop of recruits, ranked #1 in the country according to Rivals, to coach up heading into next season.

Looks pretty nice, doesn't it?

We've got nothing concrete -- there has been no extension signed.  However, today brings us positive signs that our coach will be in Gainesville for quite a while.  I can live with that, and I can live with that nice, highly-regarded recruiting class we're bringing in.

Go Gators!