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Thursday Night Gator Links

It's officially SLOW in the life of a University of Florida fan.

Doe's Affray Charge Dropped [Florida Gators with Andy Staples]

Florida linebacker Dustin Doe has been cleared by the state attorney's office, which dropped the misdemeanor charge of affray Doe faced after being arrested following a fight in a downtown parking lot early April 2.

Doe's case was just one in an alarming rate of problems for certain members of the football program over the last few months -- including Ronnie Wilson's gun-fire and the supposed keg theft from a few days back.  

While I'm glad to see that Doe has been cleared of these accusations, I'd rather see swift punishment if these players are in fact guilty.  I'd rather not see guys get off just because they can make an impact on the field (which I'm not saying is going on by any means).

Hopefully Meyer and his leadership committee do the right thing with Dustin Doe.

Peck joins ESPN [The Gainesville Sun]

Carolyn Peck will join the broadcast team for Women's basketball on the Worldwide Leader, putting coaching aside for just a while.  Peck, of course, was fired by UF a coulpe months ago after a few unsuccessful seasons in Gainesville.  I wish her the best.

Committee extends men's 3-point line to 20-9 [ESPN]

"I'm not surprised, this is something that has been talked about for quite some time," said coach Billy Donovan of Florida, whose two-time defending national champion Gators were ninth in the country in 3-point field goal percentage at 40.9 percent. "I still feel that teams will continue to utilize the 3-point line as a key component of the college game. That being said, I think the next discussion needs to be about widening the lane in conjunction with moving the 3-point line back."

This move could open up the college game a little more and make for some more mid-range jumpers.  I think this may be a good move for college basketball and I have no problems with it, although I didn't think this was a move that absolutely needed to be made.

Lauren Anderson joins Gator Country! [GatorCountry]

Not huge news, but exciting.  Ms. Anderson, who we all know from her homerisms towards the Gators and her relationship with former Gator b-baller Matt Walsh, will be putting in her opinions on the popular Gators fansite.  Should be interesting to say the least, as I believe we'll see a nice rise (pardon the terrible, terrible non-purposeful pun there) in male readership at the site.

Eagles Sign DT Scott To 1-Year Deal []

Former Gator Ian Scott, who made it to the Super Bowl with the Bears last season, will make the move to Philly -- joining other former Gators in Jevon Kearse and Lito Sheppard. Good luck to Ian, although I've never been a huge fan of the Eagles.

Game #6: Warriors vs Mavs - Ours For the Taking [Golden State of Mind]

Non-Gators related, but tonight's game is going to be INSANE.  I have no real rooting interest in this series, but watching the Warriors-Mavs game the other night in The City was extremely exciting and made me wonder what it was like to be in the Oracle Arena with that crowd.  Here's hoping for another great matchup this evening in the NBA playoffs.

Go Gators!