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The Magic Are a Knockin'

Just as expected, it has been reported that the Orlando Magic have contacted Billy Donovan's agent in regards to the vacant head coaching position.

The Orlando Magic have contacted the agent for University of Florida Coach Billy Donovan, trying to gauge his interest in becoming their next head coach.

His interest, though, remained unclear Tuesday because neither Donovan nor anyone from the Magic was discussing the issue. Much of the Magic staff was at the NBA Predraft Camp that opened Tuesday at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Donovan was in Destin for the Southeastern Conference spring meetings.

"I haven't talked to those guys," Donovan told the Tampa Tribune in Destin Tuesday afternoon. Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley also said Tuesday that Donovan was "close" to agreeing to a contract extension to remain in Gainesville.

Coach Donovan had this to say, courtesy of Dave Curtis' Swamp Things:
"I'm not commenting on sources. I'm not going to go down that road. I know nothing. If it was somene from the Magic that made a comment about that, maybe I would respond. But I'm not going to make any response or comment on sources. ... A lot of times there is so much speculation, stuff thrown out there. I can't keep commenting on every little thing."

It's tough to truly make anything out of these little tid-bits of information.  For one thing, it's easy to see that the Magic are interested in contacting Coach Donovan -- and I wouldn't blame him one bit for listening, that's for sure.  Things could be getting quite interesting over the next week or so, until that new extension is signed in Gainesville.

Go Gators!