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Hello, Magic

Billy Donovan will be taking the lucrative contract that the NBA's Magic are offering him, becoming the eighth head coach in the history of the Orlando franchise.

Thursday, after weeks of waiting for the University of Florida to finalize his new seven-year contract, the Magic offered Donovan a big-money deal. Sources say the deal is shorter and smaller than original reports of a six-year, $36 million deal. senior writer Andy Katz says the deal is a five-year, $27.5 million contract.

Five years, 27.5 million dollars.  Are you aware of what that equals per year?

5.5 million dollars.

Could the University of Florida been able to afford that?  Probably.  Could they really give him that much money per year?  Not a chance in hell.

Could there have been a more suitable situation for Billy Donovan if he was going to one day leave for the NBA ranks?  The answer to that is absolutely no.  The Magic fired former head coach Brian Hill just a week ago, and from that point forward I feel that anyone who had any sort of logic could see that this was one heck of a realistic possibility.

Coach Donovan now has the opportunity to stay in the state of Florida a coach a basketball team with some great future prospects in Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, Trevor Ariza and perhaps even Darko and JJ Redick.  Plus he's now making 5+ million dollars a year -- That, my friends, is what I call a livin'.  Add all these things up; Is there anyway you can blame the guy for making this move?

We'll all miss Coach Donovan's presence in Gainesville, but I think deep down inside we all knew that this was going to happen at some point.  And I'm glad it actually came out to be with my favorite NBA squad.

I hope to get more on this as the dust settles.  For now it's just a top news stories on all the major sports sites.  I'm sure we'll be hearing a ton more reaction about this move over the next 24 hours. sure to check out other fine Gator sites:  GatorCountry, Andy Staples Florida Gators Blog and Dave Curtis' Swamp Things.  I'm sure they'll have lots of info as it comes available.