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So can we get this head coach hiring done quickly, please?  It would be extremely nice to snag your first option in the search for someone to roam the sidelines in Gainesville.

As long as UF doesn't end up with their, say, fourth option like some schools do I'll be pretty happy with the list of candidates.

Here's what a few former players had to say about the possibilities of the head coach following in Billy Donovan's footsteps (Courtesy of the AP):

Horford, Noah and Brewer all said that the Gators should be fine going forward and expected the Gators to hire within the family with VCU's Anthony Grant. They said they would be surprised if Grant didn't get the job, which would allow assistant coach Larry Shyatt to stay with the Gators. Shyatt was instrumental in the Gators winning the last two titles with his defensive principles he brought with him in his years as an assistant to Rick Barnes and a head coach at Wyoming and Clemson.

Grant - YES
Shyatt - YES

Both of these guys, alongside Donovan, were instrumental in the development of the program and were key factors in producing the back-to-back national titles currently held at the University of Florida.  Both would be satisfactory hires in my opinion, although I believe we will be seeing many more surface in the next few days.

Grant has to be the front-runner in this whole thing, correct?  Things are going to get really interesting over the next week or so.

By the way, Bernie Machen is denying the report.  Huh?