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Friday Night Gator Links

Picture Courtesy of EDSBS
Stupid Is As Stafford Does? [Dawg Sports]

The story of Matthew Stafford has been a huge one around the sports blogosphere over the last two days, triggered by photos of the young Georgia QB having a little too much fun with an attractive female and a beer-keg.

Now, I'm not posting this here at Swamp Ball to throw stones, as Gator football players haven't exactly had a stellar year in terms of staying out of sticky (icky) situations that involve melees, gun-fire and a certain illegal substance.

I am posting this story because it has indirectly brought this site a few hits (there I go again with the bad puns) over the last day -- as the words "Matthew Stafford" and "keg" have appeared in a few stories in the last week or so.  With that in mind, I guess they don't have to be included in the same sentence to be picked up by Google.

So heres to you, Mr. Stafford.  I would like to offer my thanks for bringing this site a bit more traffic over the last 24 hours or so.  But c'mon, an Auburn girl?

Mullaney's Pitching and Neer's Offense Lead Baseball Over Alabama, 6-2 [Gatorzone]

Awesome win for the baseball team tonight, as they upped their SEC mark to 11-11 in the first game of a HUGE series against the Crimson Tide.  The Gators regular season is winding down, and the race for an appearance in the SEC tournament (they have to finish in the top-eight) is on the line over the next few weeks.

Kyle Mullaney may be one of the better surprises of the season so far at pitcher, as his impressive performance tonight gave him a 3-1 record.  Tonight he scattered nine hits over 7.1 innings, giving up two earned-runs and only walking one batter.  The offense, led by Cody Neer and his two homeruns, provided the run support to give Kyle the victory.

With the win, the Gators improve to 24-23 overall.

The Gators will face the Tide once again Tomorrow at the Mac -- first pitch set for 4 pm.

Bills sign two former Gators [Toronto Star]

The Buffalo Bills doubled up on Gator undrafted free-agents on Thursday, signing CB Reggie Lewis and WR Jemalle Cornelius to contracts.  Both guys were crucial parts of the National Title run on both offense and defense, so I'm glad to see them land on an NFL team.

Go Gators!