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Monday Night Basketball Notes

Donovan reportedly turns down Grizzlies [MSNBC]

Billy Donovan turned down an offer from the Memphis Grizzlies to stay as head coach at the University of Florida after the Grizzlies declined to offer him full control over all basketball operations, Yahoo! Sports reported Sunday, citing several unnamed sources.

Following the Gators' run to a second-straight national title most of the talk surrounding Billy Donovan had to do with the University of Kentucky.  There were also rumblings coming from the professional ranks, however, including rumors of Coach Donovan leaving Gainesville for either Miami or Memphis; We all seemed to ignore those, though, as we felt the biggest threat was the one coming from Lexington for our head coach's services.

Today this story broke, stating that Donovan's move to the NBA was a realistic possibility.  I was surprised to say the least, as I felt that Miami may be in the mix, but not Memphis.  Not the Grizzlies.

As it turns out this all turned out to be a false news report, according to Gator Country's Franz Beard, who got the truth out of Gators' assistant coach Larry Shyatt yesterday.

"He didn't interview with them," said Florida associate head coach Larry Shyatt via phone with Gator Country Sunday afternoon. "That's just not true and I think I would know something like that. I just spoke with him and he was on the tee box in Ireland."

"I don't know where people keep coming up with this stuff," Shyatt told Gator Country.

It's absolutely crazy just how fast rumors can spread in the world of college athletics.  Good to hear that Coach Donovan is happy in Gainesville.

UF's Taurean Green gets an agent [Florida Today]

Andy Miller of ASM Sports will represent Green. He has close to two dozen NBA clients, including Kevin Garnett and Chauncey Billups.

Miller said the paperwork has not been officially filed with the NBA but Green has signed a contract for representation and it's just a matter of completing the process with the league.

Any thought of Taurean Green simply testing the waters is now erased.  He's definitely headed to the pro ranks, whether he is drafted by an NBA team or not.  Good luck to Taurean.  He'll go down as one of my favorite Gators.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks.  Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas will be making their decisions on where to's really up in the air right now, but several sources are saying that the Gators are right there in the mix.

Go Gators!