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Gators Will Contact Grant Soon

Courtesy of the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

The University of Florida requested and received permission today from Virginia Commonwealth University to speak with Rams basketball coach Anthony Grant about its now open head coaching position.

Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley is scheduled to meet with Grant on Saturday.

Two sources said they don't expect Grant to remain at VCU. He is not Florida's top choice, "he is the only choice," one said.  "There is no one else. Anthony is struggling with it.  It's not easy for him.  But I don't see how he'll be able to turn it down."

Please, let this be quick and painless.

Grant loves the University of Florida, loves Gainesville and would be getting a significant pay-raise if he were to come.  The signs point to yes in this situation -- but let's not let this become a "count your chickens before they hatch" situation.