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Quick Thoughts on Billy's Press Conference

For those who just watched it, Billy Donovan just wrapped up his introductory press-conference down in Orlando -- it was shown live on SUN Sports and on  I'm sure will have a replay of the PC somewhere on their site over the course of the day.

First off, Billy confirmed that Larry Shyatt will follow him to Orlando to be an assistant coach with the Magic.  This is a HUGE pickup for the Magic, as Shyatt proved over the last two seasons he is a more than suitable assistant under Billy. Shyatt will not be a candidate, and will not be around next season when the new coach comes in.

Billy pretty much confirmed what Foley said earlier -- UF was working hard on getting the contract signed, it was close, and then the Magic job came available.  It sounded like once the season was completed Billy let it be known that he would be coaching at UF next season unless a great NBA opportunity came available.  That opportunity unfolded when Orlando fired Brian Hill.

He sounded very happy with his decision, and still sounded very high on his former employer, the University of Florida.  It sounds as if the relationship between Billy and UF will always be a happy one.  There seems to be a lot of respect for Machen and Foley from Donovan for all they've done for him.

Foley and Donovan will hold a PC from UF's standpoint this afternoon at 4 pm.  This should be pretty interesting.