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The Saga of Jai Lucas

Jai Lucas, who has been constantly criticized by some for choosing Florida since the departure of Billy Donovan, still plans to wear the Orange and Blue next season.  Whether or not that will change over the next few days, though, is still very much up in the air.

Courtesy of Florida Today:

"I feel like right now, I'm still going to Florida," he said. "Nothing's really changed. It's just a big loss to lose Coach Donovan. Still you have to wait and see who the next coach is going to be."
Who is Lucas expecting?  Anthony Grant.
Asked if he expected it to be Grant, Lucas responded, "That's what I've been hearing."

He sounded comfortable with the situation, even though he wanted to play for Donovan.

The only problem with all of this is that Lucas signed on the dotted line to play for Donovan, not Grant.  This is something that could sway his decision one way or the other in regards to where he is playing his college ball next season.

One positive is that Lucas is not opposed to the idea of playing for the current VCU head coach at this point:

"All the incoming recruits and all the current players who are there now, they speak very highly of him," Lucas said of Grant. "They're in love with him so I think if he gets the job, it looks like everybody would stay -- just based on what people were saying. Everybody says he's a real good guy."
So Lucas hasn't left yet.  We'd love to have him, and I do believe he would enjoy playing for Grant just as much as Donovan.