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This Is Becoming Alarming ... If It Wasn't Already

Remember when we as a fanbase used to joke about other schools' run-ins with the law? Remember hurling such names as "Criminoles" and "Co-Canes" at our rival schools in our state alone?  At this point it may be of benefit to take a look at our own school we cheer for ... because it's gotten pretty bad recently with the athletes that represent it.

After the tumultuous off-season began with a shooting by Ronnie Wilson and an alleged fight and theft of a keg at an off-campus party, two more Gators got into some big trouble today:  RB Brandon James and basketball forward Brandon Powell.

Courtesy of Gatorsports:

Florida athletes Brandon James and Brandon Powell have been suspended indefinitely after being arrested Monday night on drug possession charges.

Powell, a 6-foot-3 guard on the UF basketball team and James, a 5-7 kick return specialist on the UF football team, face felony charges of purchase of a controlled substance and misdemeanor charges of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

The arrest of James is the third drug-related incident for the Florida football team in the past 10 months. Former Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss was suspended for the Western Carolina game last November after failing a drug test. In the same month, defensive tackle Marcus Thomas was kicked off the Florida football team after repeated failed drug tests.

The penalties must start scaring some of these guys into not putting themselves into these situations -- or this type of activity may continue.  I would like to cheer for a team that can show discipline both on and off the field. As of right now, the second part of that statement is not being fulfilled.  A slap on the wrist, which I fear may be the punishment for these guys, just doesn't set a great precedent in these type of situations.