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Bloggin' the Draft

We're almost underway in New York ... Portland is now on the clock with their number one draft pick(and they will take Greg Oden).

Did you see what Joakim Noah was wearing?  What an exceptional look from that young man.

UPDATE - Al Horford to the Hawks, just as basically every single mock draft had. Al was by far the most NBA capable player on last year's squad, and it was only fitting that he went first of the tremendous O-Fours that left after last season.

He's strong. He blocks shot. He rebounds well. He has great post moves. He can shoot mid-range jumpers. Al does everything you can ask out of a power forward type player at the next level.

I'm very proud to see Al as a representative of the University of Florida; He's a class act and will bring tremendous talent and upside to the Atlanta organization. Congrats to Al.

UPDATE 8:15 pm - Corey Brewer is now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves; Very excited to see Corey make it in the top-ten as I've been a huge fan of his passion, energy and athleticism throughout his career in Gainesville.

Corey was one of, if not the, best defenders in the country in college ... the Wolves definitely got a great player in that aspect, and if he can throw on some muscle and improve some little things on the offensive side of the ball, Corey will be one exciting player in Minnesota.

UPDATE 8:35 - Noah to the Bulls. Not surprising to see him in the Top Ten. Plus he will be playing alongside Big Ben, so that, along with the other Bulls, makes Chicago a solid defensive squad overall.

Noah's an eccentric guy, and wherever he went he was going to have critics. I guess now he'll have some critics in Chicago and the Central division.

More will come later on these picks ... not enough time to put together anything of substance on these guys right now ...