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Corey Brewer Is Rollin' in the Dough

Corey Brewer, the seventh pick in this year's NBA draft, signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves today with what looks to be a four-year deal worth at least two-million in his first two seasons. The Wolves will hold two options for the second half of the contract, which has been commonplace among rookie signings this offseason.

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This is a story we've all been waiting to read about, and for good reason.  Brewer seemed to have the most to gain out of making the leap to the NBA, but made the decision to come back for his junior season in '06 to play alongside his fellow O-Fours.  When the news broke that Corey and the other three were leaving, we couldn't blame any of them; They brought an amazing amount of respect to the University of Florida along with success. There wasn't much else to accomplish at the college level.

Mr. and Mrs. Brewer should be getting some nice things over the next few days thanks to their son.  This should bring a smile to all of our faces.

Go Gators!